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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I replaced Stedsidebar because it was constantly out of rev level with Firefox. There are some things I like about it so if they can bring it up to rev I'll definatly consider it. However, it is pretty flaky trying to use it now and I don't recommend it.
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is similar to notepad but it is different enough to make it useful in a different way. Again it opens at the push of a button from the navigation toolbar but it opens only in the sidebar. You have the ability to save in a "parent/child" paradigm. I use this to keep track of my BLOG templates. It's quick and clean and gives you fast access to information that you can cut and paste into each directory. It's not as good for writing and editing and working on something that you want to spend a lot of time with because it's in the sidebar and there isn't any advanced word processing WYSIWYG features... But it's a great spot to store something that you just want to put away and then have at your fingertips. It's a fast way to get at the data.


I replaced Slogger with Gbrain, which stores your history in Google's bookmark service, which turns it into a searchable, remote, resource... It is the way to go! Google rules! Gbrain is posted on Mighty Joe's Firefox Extensions. Check it out there... link on the right of this page.

It took me a while to warm up to Slogger. The first time that I ran it I didn't take the time to figure out what it was and it wasn't all that pretty. But one day I was looking for a website that I had visited. I searched my history and I didn't find the search term anywhere. So I opened up my Slogger log file and there it was in all it's simplicity, just what I needed, a list of the sites I had visited and a url link to each of them. I was thrilled because I found value out of something I didn't expect to deliver. Everyone should run this. It doesn't take much of your ram and it provides a simple report of everywhere you have been. As Carmen would say "respect the authoritI of simplicity".

Download the extension then right click on your menu tool bar and select "customize". Pick the big black down arrow and drag it to your toolbar and then exit. Then click on the arrow and it will turn red, this means that it is logging your files (it will prompt you for a location to store your log file). Then there is a drop down list and select "view log file". It is fantastic and it is simple. Now one important point... choose "options" within Slogger (clicking on the red arrow's drop down) and go to the "save pages" tab and select "text only". Otherwise it will save every picture and all the contents of each web page. This might be handy for working off line but it will chew up your disk space unnecessarily. Once you choose "text" file then it is just a text report with links to your web sites and that is the way Mighty Joe is going to go!


I often run into names on the Internet and sometimes I want to know more about that person. Information is power and now you grab some general information on these people through Firefox by just highlighting the name and asking your browser to run a query in several of the most popular databases out there. This is a quick and efficient way to gather general information. It's easy to install and use and there is no waste of resources so I recommend it for everyone. Give it a try and let me know what you think but you won't find anything about me here... you'll have to ask!


Another Registration - CRAP.... Don't Bug Me!

So many web sites require you to log on that it has inspired a service to form named "Bug Me Not". This website allows users to save their login information so other people can use it. If you download the Firefox extension all you have to do is right click on the text box that you would normally type your name into and it will automatically fill it in with a valid user id and password. If you don't have the Firefox extension then you just have to go to the website and input the web address to look up the user IDs. It doesn't work all the time but it works often enough that it is very useful for people like me.

All you do is click the link below and install the extension. Then right click on the navigation toolbar and "customize" and drag the "bug me not" button onto your navigation bar.


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